As much history as is held in each of its bottles


CVNE is one of the most important wine producers of Spain, on account of its illustrious history and its omnipresence in the contemporary Spanish wine scene. Founded by the Real de Asua brothers in 1879, it remains family-owned and family-run, with the latest generation committed more than ever to making great wine in meaningful quantities. Today it still sits on its original site in the wine district, Barrio de la Estación, in Haro, Rioja Alta.


The Haro winery comprises a collection of structures and cellars, most dating from the 19th century, arranged around a central patio. Above the cellars are the winemaking, bottling, and shipping facilities, conserved to this day.


With the time, a serial number of structures have been built, which reflect the vinicole history of the winery. The Eiffel ‘s Cellar, designed by the architecture practice of the legendary Alexandre – Gustave Eiffel; El Carmen the first vinification plant made out of epoxy lined concrete, in Spain and El Pilar, the first vinification plant to use the gravity to transport the grapes and must in our country.


At Cune, the winemaking process continues with the same dedication and care as it started in the company’s early days. And care is taken from start to finish, from the grape on the vine to the wine in its bottle.


Real de Asúa cellar, a winery inside another winery

The Real de Asua cellar is an independent winery inside the original historic quarters of Cune. This cellar allows for a fully traditional winemaking process subject to the strictest quality controls.


The greater wines of the Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España, namely, Real de Asúa and Imperial, are made in this cellar.


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Brut NV


White wine

Monopole 2017

Monopole Clásico 2015


Rosé wine

Rosado 2018

Rosado 2017

Rosado 2016


Red wines

Crianza 2016

Crianza 2015

Reserva 2014

Reserva 2012

Reserva 2011

Gran Reserva 2012

Gran Reserva 2011

Gran Reserva 2010

Selección de Fincas 2017

Imperial Reserva 2015

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Imperial Reserva 2011

Imperial Gran Reserva 2011

Imperial Gran Reserva 2012


Sales Kit, Shelf Talkers and Accolades


Sales kit

Monopole Clásico presentation

Cune ratings July 2019

Cune Cava


Imperial Gran Reserva 2009 Gold Medal, SFIWC 2016

Imperial Gran Reserva 2009 95 Points Decanter

Cune Rioja Gran Reserva 2010 Wine Spectator Top I00 2016

Cune Gran Reserva 2010 94 points Wine Spectator

Imperial Reserva 2011 90 points Wine Spectator

Imperial Grand Reserva 2011 93+ Robert Parker

Imperial Grand Reserva 2011 97 points, Wine Enthusiast

Imperial Reserva 2011 96 points James Suckling

Cune Gran Reserva 2011 94 points James Suckling

Cune Gran Reserva 2012 91+ points, Robert Parker

Cune Reserva 2012 93 points Wine Spectator

Cune Crianza 2012, 91 points Wine Spectator

Cune Reserva 2013 talker

Cune Reserva 2013 recommended in the New York Times

Cune Crianza 2013, 91 points, Suckling

Cune Crianza 2014 90 points James Suckling

Cune Reserva 2014 91 points Wine Spectator

Contino Viña del Olivo  2014 96 points Decanter

Crianza 2015 92 points James Suckling

Monopole  Clásico 2015 93 points James Suckling

Cune Crianza 2016 90 points Best Value Wine Spectator

Cune Crianza 2016 accolade sheet

Cune Monopole 2016 91 points James Suckling

Monopole 2017 91 points James Suckling

Rosado 2017 91 points James Suckling

Monopole  Classico 2015 Top 50 2018 Bloomberg


Imperial Reserva 2014 92+ points Rober Parker

Imperial Gran Reserva 2011 93+ points Robert Parker


Monopole Classico 2015 91 points Wine Spectator

Monopole 2017 91 points James Suckling

Cune Selección de Fincas 2017 92 points James Suckling


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