Daily Deal

October 6, 2020

Borgo Turrito CalaRosa 2019

In a time of “All-day Rose”, it would be easy to think you’ve tried them all. Ever tried one made from Nero di Troia? Let me introduce you to Borgo Turrito CalaRosa.
  • Borgo Turrito borders the Bosco Incoronata Regional Park in the historic hamlet of Foggia, Apulia
  • CalaRosa is made from 100% Nero di Troia – an intensely aromatic, totally unique grape indigenous to Northern Puglia
  • It delivers completely enjoyable notes of sour cherries, orange zest and soft rose petals
  • And it’s sustainably produced – Borgo Turrito believes, “Biodiversity, local productions and peasant culture are the true richness of the world.”