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In 1995, Vito Catania inherited part of the family’s land from his father. He wanted to continue the work on vines and olive oil initiated by his family more than three generations prior. This was the beginning of Gulfi, a pioneering winery in Sicily rediscovering Pachino’s prestigious crus.

Raffaele Catania, Vito’s father, purchased the first plots of land thanks to the money he saved in Paris, where he had moved after the second World War to look for work. Those plots of land, fruit of many sacrifices, were to sustain the family once it was possible to return to Chiaramonte Gulfi. Vito was 5 years old when the family left for Paris and 20 when the family moved back. This long stay in France taught him to respect the grapevine and appreciate elegance rather than strength. Right from the beginning, Vito decided to work with Salvo Foti, who today is recognized as the maker of the oenological renaissance of southwestern Sicily. The pair conducted detailed soil and climate analyses throughout the region, leading Catania to acquire over 100 hectares of vineyards.

Today, the Gulfi estate is run by Vito’s son; third generation vigneron, Matteo Catania (pictured above). The vineyards are concentrated in three main areas: the hilly, calcareous marl vineyards of Chiaramonte Gulfi, the chalky, southeastern area of Pachino Val di Noto, prime terroir for Nero d’Avola, and finally, Mount Etna.


The Fruits of 3 Terroirs as an Expression of Sicily

This is the winery that launched the Nero d’Avola varietal with four “Grand Crus,” showing the peak of what it can be.

Gulfi’s vineyards are dry-farmed and planted at densities of over 8,000 vines per hectare, in the island’s traditional “Alberello” bush vine style. Matteo believes these practices are the key to producing wines expressive of each site.

Without irrigation, the vines are obliged to dig deep into their marl or limestone bedrocks for sustenance. This struggle for nourishment, combined with high-density planting, means that the vines produce less, yet more qualitative fruit with greater flavour concentration and complexity.

Chemical pesticides and herbicides were prohibited on the estate long before the winery committed to certified organic viticulture. Today, the vineyards are farmed biodynamically, under the continued guidance of consultant Salvo Foti.

Gulfi Winery

Gulfi believes that when a vine is in harmony with its environment and is organically cultivated, it will have better fruit to make an excellent wine, since it will be adapted to the climate and soil. A healthy fruit, ripe and thereby well-balanced will need only minimal human intervention in the cellar, supported with the least invasive technology possible.

Gulfi wines contain the essence of their land, the sounds of nature, and the intensity of the colors of Sicily.

Serendipity is honored to represent Gulfi, an iconic Sicilian producer long considered the world’s preeminent producer of Nero D’Avola. Want to get your hands on these wines? Check out the full lineup, then fill out the contact form below!

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