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Welcome, Troon Vineyard!

Now Available in California


“We didn’t find Troon, It found us,” says the new owners of Troon Vineyard, Bryan and Denise White. Friends introduced the Whites to the Applegate Wine Trail in early 2017, “We were mesmerized by the raw beauty of the Valley and quickly began researching the property and discussing the possibilities. We were compelled by something external to do this.”

Troon is managed by Craig Camp, and the wines are under the direction of Nate Hall, who, with a background in molecular microbiology and environmental engineering, is leading the cellar with natural winemaking and biodynamic practices.

Where the vines, the soil, the place, the wines, and the people all become one

Troon Vineyard is a Demeter Biodynamic® Certified and Regenerative Organic Certified™️ farm in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Troon Vineyard is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and practice Biodynamics® in the quest to put back more than they take from their plants and soil. They believe the only route to memorable wines, that reflect the terroir of where they were grown, is to be found in the healthy soils and vines that are the foundation of Biodynamic® agriculture. This philosophy continues in the cellar, where winemaking is minimalist and uses only native yeasts with no additives to ferment the wines and eschew the use of new oak barrels, revealing each nuance of wines grown in Oregon’s Applegate Valley. At Troon, they “Farm like the world depends on it”, which is the slogan of the Regenerative Organic Alliance and reflects the vision for their farm, wines and our planet. Troon is located on the Kubli Bench, high above the Applegate River in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. It is a biodiverse farm of almost 100 acres. Life on the farm includes cider apples, a vegetable garden, re-wilded honeybees, sheep, chickens, wildlife, dogs, humans and, of course, grapevines.

Winemaking at Troon is straightforward and minimalist. Grapes are field sorted by the same vineyard crew that tended them all season. The goal is to express the vineyards rather than winemaking techniques. All Troon Vineyard wines are fermented only with native yeasts and no commercial yeasts, acids, sugar, enzymes or additives are added to any of the wines. Their white wines are whole-cluster pressed then barrel fermented in mature French Oak barrels. For “Orange Wines”, Troon uses clay amphorae to allow extended skin contact after fermentation. They also make a range of fun pétillant natural sparkling wines, naturally fermented in bottle. Red wines  focus on using whole-cluster and whole berry fruit, then use only mature French Oak barrels for aging.

The Vineyard at Troon 

Troon is certified through Demeter Biodynamic® and CCOF Organic, and is proud to be the first estate farm in Oregon and the second winery in the world to become Regenerative Organic Certified™️. With the fall 2021 releases, they were the first winery in the world to feature the Regenerative Organic Certified™️ logo on their labels.

Troon Vineyards believes that this is the best way to craft truly distinctive wines that speak clearly of the vineyards and the character of the Kubli Bench in the Applegate Valley.

Serendipity currently offers the Piquette, Druids Fluid Biodynamic Red, Glou Glou Grenache, and the Kubli Bench Amber in California. 

Serendipity is excited to represent these extraordinary earth-friendly wines in California. Want to try them yourself? Check out the full lineup, then fill out the contact form below!

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