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Vintage 59 Imports

As importers, we look for wines with depth of fruit, length and elegance, rather than for obtrusive oak, over-extraction, or excessive alcohol. That said, we don’t tell growers how to make wine because that’s their expertise, not ours. And we don’t work with fatheads, regardless of how good their wine might be, because it’s not worth it. The company focuses on the rich relationships that spring from the community of growers, instead of just the commercial imperative. So we look for people who share sensibilities, and that makes them as important as the wine they produce. The rule is simple: you work with people who make you proud and whose wine you drink at home.

In 2008 we opened V59 Wines, a separate company to distribute our wines in northern and southern California. Since then, this distribution company has carefully expanded beyond its French selection to include similarly-minded growers from around the world. Our warehouse is an old one down in the foggy flats of the East Bay, originally managed by a crazy world-class bike polo playing Norseman and today guided by an an ex-pat lady from Nice.

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