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Breathtaking and dramatic. In the mighty Norwegian forests where sunlight rarely penetrates. In lonely landscapes inhabited only by the ‘Hulder’ wood nymphs, which live below the ground surrounded by the roots of old oaks. This is where Bareksten takes its inspiration. Nordic, natural & organic ingredients form the basis for its unique flavour. Norwegian herbs, potatoes and berries fight an intense, slow and never-ending battle in extreme environments. Only the strongest and most stubborn survive. The Bareksten Gin, distilled in small batches, gives us a very high potent gin with a sublime fruity expression. Bareksten Gin has a traditional base line, but you will find wild blueberries, lingonberries, rhubarb, elderflower, mint and an additional 20 different ingredients.

Country Norway
Region Bergen
Website Bareksten
Serendipity Markets California, Texas, National

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