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We love wine. We love the culture, the people, the places, the stories… and, more than anything, we love sharing wine and fostering the community that wine creates.

To that end:

  • We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable wine folk sharing our diverse (and growing) portfolio of wine and spirits with the great state of California.
  • We believe in building and maintaining lasting relationships through excellent customer service, transparency, and integrity.
  • We are dedicated to the stories and terroir of wine and believe that those are best experienced through clean, honest, sustainable wines.


We are passionate, relentless and creative about delivering great service. With a dynamic (and growing) team of 20+ sales reps, we are able to reach accounts of all shapes and sizes across the state.


We offer a collection of some of the finest estates & grower-producers from across the globe, with deep roots in Italy and unique finds at every price point and for every palate.


In July 2020, Serendipity joined forces with Mountain Peoples Wine and called on their 26 years of experience to expand the availability of certified organic & biodynamic wines across the state.


With distribution arms in California & Texas, plus a National Import business serving 40+ states, we are able to negotiate best prices and navigate global logistics while ensuring value & consistency for our customers.

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Can you name this famous Italian wine region with just a few clues?​​​​​​​​
☀️ This region enjoys three hundred days of sun per year!​​​​​​​​
🏔 Because they are located alongside a meteorological divide, some areas of this region experience an Alpine-Continental climate and others are more Mediterranean.​​​​​​​​
🍷 White wine dominates production, making up 62% of their total output.​​​​​​​​
📸 In this particular vineyard, the warm “Ora” afternoon wind from Lake Garda helps to keep temperatures mild.​​​​​​​​
Drop your guesses and google searches in the comments below!

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We're getting in the Italian spirit this Saturday with Casoni's Heritage Amaro! This Amaro is a 200 year old recipe that was revived by the brothers of @Casoni_Official. And with its resurrection, so too have the ancient Modena traditions that have become an important piece of this distillery's foundation.​​​​​​​​
More than 20 botanicals including sweet and bitter orange, hypericum, cardamom, (and Absinthe) are combined for 30 days in a cold extraction. The resulting Amaro is aromatic, fresh and herbaceous— a sweeter and refreshing style with a bitterness on the finish.​​​​​​​​
Try it on its own, with soda, or mix up your favorite summer spritz recipe!​​​​​​​​
Photo courtesy of @Casoni_Official

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If you've been following along on our travels through Italy, you'll have noticed what a blast our teammates had at @MarchesiIncisaWines. While touring their Grignolino vineyards, Filiberto introduced Michelle, Stephanie and Karen to the local “Big Bench” art installation. The vision came from Chris Bangle, an American artist who hoped to create a place to view the Langhe landscape through the eyes of a child. And while these benches have become a symbol of the Langhe, where the project began, there are now over 240 installations across Europe.​​​​​​​​
Take this as your Friday reminder to do something that makes ya feel like a kid again! And for more stellar views of the Langhe, head to yesterday's video on Marchesi Incisa's vineyards 🎞

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Join the Serendipity team for a look back on our travels to @marchesiincisawines! The Marchesi Incisa family may have roots in Piemonte over 1000 years old, but just look at those 2022 grapevines...

On this visit:
Stephanie, repping #SerendipityAustin
Karen, Director of Brand Strategy
Kelli, Director of Marketing for #SerendipityNational Imports 🏍️
Michelle, repping #SerendipityNorCal
Tammy, repping #SerendipitySoCal
A pretty cool winery cat 😺

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Come away with us to Italy ✈️ 🇮🇹 Several of our teammates recently boot-scooted their way across Europe's most fashionable boot. Join us all month long for their insider perspectives and some serious summer fun. Where will we stop first? ...

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NEW ✨ Blog Post ✨ Maysara, meaning ‘the wine house’ in Farsi, embodies a holistic philosophy that comes alive in each of their many Pinots. Take a walk through this unique space in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range alongside several visiting Texas teammates as they explore this certified Biodynamic paradise!

Read up at the link in bio 🔺🔺

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Let's taste Château Beaubois Cuvee Expression Blanc with Morgan, our Brand Analyst! Helmed by a sister and brother duo in the Costieres de Nimes region of the Southern Rhone Valley, Beaubois is a pioneering producer in sustainability. They were among the first in the region to go Terra Vitis and HVE3, when those certifications were a rarity. They are also certified organic and Biodynamic. Have you tried this blend of Roussanne, Grenache, Viognier, and Rolle yet?

#SerendipitySips #ChateauBeaubois #CostierresDeNimes #BiodynamicWine

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In 1996, Frey Vineyards produced the United States’ first certified Biodynamic wine. Today their line of Biodynamics includes Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Cabernet, and a quintessential Mendocino variety: Zinfandel! 🍇 Full of dense black cherry flavors, lively tannins, and a touch of mesquite on the finish, this Zin begs for Texas BBQ or spicy pizza. And don't you just love the botanical label art? ...

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It's almost here! Don't miss your chance to try @LubanziWines this weekend 🐕 Tickets available through @AuNaturalWine for Saturday, July 23rd at Echo Park from 2pm-6pm​​​​​​​​
About Lubanzi:​​​​​​​​
Born in Cape Town and named for a wandering dog who led two young travelers backpacking across South Africa's Wild Coast, Lubanzi is a sustainable and socially-conscious wine co. that focuses on crafting fairly produced wines that punch above their weight and are a true force for social & environmental good. To that end, we're proud to be Fair Trade, Carbon Neutral, a 1% for the planet member & a Certified B Corporation.​​​​​​​​
Hailing from South Africa’s rugged and iconic Swartland region, our focus is on producing real wine made by real people from a real place — limited intervention in the cellar, natural fermentations and native yeasts — genuine stuff with genuine personality. No gimmicks, just well-crafted wines from the world’s oldest soil.​​​​​​​​
#SerendipityLA #SerendipitySoCal

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Today's certified Biodynamic wine feature is a twofer-- meet the wines of Maison Robert Olivier:​​​​​​​​
Alsace Edelzwicker is a white blend bursting with grapes: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and a bit of Muscat just for fun 😉 This is a dry white wine with crisp and fruity nose, appealing floral notes, and hints of ripe peach, yellow pear, red apple, almond and honey.​​​​​​​​
Vinified in stainless steel, Maison Robert Olivier's Cuvee Tradition is Grenache-dominant Vin de France at its best. Ruby red with aromas of red fruits, the nose also has hints of wild berries and gentle spice. On the palate, the wine is elegant and delicate, with vibrant dark berry flavors, white pepper and Asian spices. It's an excellent match, slightly chilled, with pâté, duck breast, and spicy peanut dishes.​​​​​​​​
Ask your rep for pricing and availability, today!

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Let's taste Fidora's Prosecco Rosé Spumante! A practicing Biodynamic estate, this is one of the most elegant Prosecco rosés to hit the market. As a top house in Veneto, but more importantly a meticulous house, Fidora saw the Prosecco Rosé DOC designation as an opportunity to craft a benchmark wine. Persistent and clean with a beautiful acidity, what would you pair with this 93 point wine?

#SerendipityImports #SerendipityNational #SerendipitySips

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Welcome to Between Two Ferns: the Biodynamics Edition 🙃 Not long ago our Director of Marketing for National Imports, Kelli, met up with @FidoraWines in the Veneto. Fidora is a pioneering organic farm project that, in its 4th generation, is proud to have introduced Biodynamic practices. These bouquets of dried chamomile and stinging nettle are known as Biodynamic preparations 503 and 504, respectively. Let's take a quick, nerdy look at what they're used for:

🌼 Chamomile flowers are high in calcium, which promotes cell wall development and nitrogen absorption. They also naturally provide sulfur, which promotes the enzyme activity that improves root production. To harness these benefits, flowers are dried and then buried in the soil for 6 months. The leaves are later used in compost piles or fertilizer, often alongside stinging nettle.

Stinging nettle has a slightly different journey. Plants are harvested at the beginning of the flowering season and then put into a vessel that's buried. They're unearthed after a year, and then they rejoin their chamomile friends. Stinging nettle's high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and iron promote compost health and the formation of chlorophyll in plants! 💪🌿

#FidoraWines #BiodynamicFarming #OrganicFarming #Winery #OrganicWine #NaturalWine #Veneto #Italy #ItalianWine #FidoraWine #RegenerativeAg #SerendipityImports #SerendipityNational

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Today's Biodynamic wine feature hails from @SanSalvatore1988Wines-- and it's as lively and elegant as these ruins are sacred. San Salvatore's Vetere Rosato is made entirely from certified organic Aglianico grapes grown in the small town of Magliano Vetere. They use gentle pressing and a short stint of skin contact to produce a delicate, desaturated color. The juice then undergoes a half year on lees, developing complexity, nuance, and roundness.​​​​​​​​
Haven't tasted a rosé made from Aglianico before? This offering has generous aromas with focused red fruit. The palate expresses notes of wild rose, violets, and Mediterranean scrub that speak, unmistakably, of a sense of place. It matches deliciously with summer ceviches, grilled seafood, and light cheeses 🍤🐟🧀​​​​​​​​
Uniquely positioned in the heart of the Cilento National Park in the Campania region of southern Italy, the sustainably-focused wines of San Salvatore are an ode to both tradition and modernity. Ask your rep for pricing and availability to try the Vetere, today!

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Despite being deeply rooted in the earth, these grapevines are about to get celestial! Today we're going to talk about Fruit days and the Biodynamic calendar 🍇🌝🍷​​​​​​​​
The Biodynamic calendar uses lunar cycles and astrological signs to separate the year into four types of days: flower, root, leaf and fruit. These days represent a timeframe for specific agricultural practices and the optimal times to utilize them. Controversially, they also represent the best and worst days to taste a wine. (As big fans of the scientific method over here, we recommend testing this theory as much as possible…)​​​​​​​​
Fruit days occur when the moon is in any of the fire signs— Aires, Leo and Sagittarius 🔥 You might find a farmer using a fruit day to plant, prune, fertilize or harvest grapes. Fruit days are supposedly also when wine will taste its most expressive, but we'll leave that up to your palate to decide.​​​​​​​​
Photo image: #Biodynamic grapes from @SanSalvatore1988Wines being sorted in Campania. Stay tuned for more on the wines from one of the world's most environmentally-conscious azienda tomorrow!

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