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Kivelstadt Cellars

Kivelstadt Cellars was founded on our love of amazing California vineyards. After leaving a career in consulting, Jordan Kivelstadt traveled the world making wine in California, Australia, Chile, and Argentina. For his inaugural vintage in 2007, Jordan made 125 cases of Syrah from his family’s estate vineyard. He drew inspiration both from his new world experiences and for European cuisine, art, and culture. Our focus is exploring incredible California vineyards with a nod toward the rich history and balance of old-world wines. Since 2007 our production has grown to 6,000 cases annually. We are currently distributed in more than 25 states and continue breaking the mold by opening California’s first Winegarden in 2020. We strive to create wine, and food, that maintains a fun, approachable, and accessible style while challenging the status quo of California winemaking.

Country USA - CA
Region Sonoma County
Annual Production 6,001
Serendipity Markets California


There is a method to our madness, trust us! Kivelstadt Cellars takes pride in engaging with customers in new ways. We’re changing the traditional tasting room experience from our winemaking style and varieties to our sustainable packaging and playful atmosphere. We offer wine to-go in both traditional bottles under a cork and in reusable growlers. Which offers both a monetary discount on wine to our and another way to eliminate packaging waste.

We implement sustainable practices in as many ways as possible. We are able to eliminate wine spoilage by using a wine on-tap system and biodegradable corks, savings over 6 thousand pounds in waste every year.

We love bringing to light different varietals. The beauty of California winemaking is there are no rules. Living on the land owned by Chardonnay and Cabernet, we find beauty in the underdog. But don’t be fooled, they pack a punch.


Winemaker, Sam Baron has spent his entire life in the vines. Growing up in Napa his first jobs were cluster counts and vineyard assessments. He studied wine in college where he obtained his degree in Viticulture and Enology. From there his winemaking journey took him all over the world. Being a potter as well, Sam’s philosophies regarding craft are that of give-and-take between nature. His goal is to bring art to consumers/users of the craft and have them define the beauty within.

Sam joined the Kivelstadt Cellars team in 2017. He met Jordan and they instantly bonded over shared winemaking and winegrowing philosophies. As Winemaker, Sam divides his time between managing wholesale sales, vineyard sourcing, production, and almost everything in between. Sam’s passion for restrained and elegant wines, organic and sustainable farming, and his thirst for exploring unique California vineyards makes him right at home in the Kivelstadt family.

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