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Cuvee Francoise

For over five centuries, Maison Antech has tamed the magical terroir of Limoux to make fine sparkling wines.

The secret of their character lies in the combination of Limoux's three terroirs, which form the backbone of the cuvées: freshness from the Pyrenees, vinousness from the ocean, and roundness from the Mediterranean. From these terroirs, Mauzac and other grapes are cultivated, each bringing their own complexity and purity to the wines. This Cuvee, named after Francoise, daughter of the family and a member of the sixth generation celebrates her strong character and the part she plays in guarding her heritage and shaping their future.

Country France
Region Languedoc-Roussillon
Serendipity Markets California, Texas, National


Family owned and independent for 7 generations, The Antech Estate dedicates itself to the elaboration of Sparkling wines in Limoux, cradle of sparkling wines and legendary area (1544).
Forerunner in the regional anchoring and the revival of the traditions, The Antech estate distinguishes itself by a unique style, seeking the perfect balance between the freshness coming from altitude vineyard and the purity of its fruit aromas thanks to Mediterranean influences.

Wines from Cuvee Francoise

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