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Casa Emma

Founded in 1969, when Fiorella Lepri took a leap of faith and purchased the property without the knowledge of her husband or family from the Florentine noblewoman Emma Bizzarri. Fiorella wanted to honor courage that only women can express by maintaining her legacy through the name of the winery, “Casa Emma.” Located in San Donato in Poggio (Barberino Tavarnelle), with proximity to the sea and bordered by an arc of Colle di Pietracupa hills, winters are milder than the internal areas of Chianti Classico, summers cooler and windier. Casa Emma has a special focus on respect for nature, environmental sustainability, waste reduction and organic and biodynamic viticulture. Our vision is respectful of the past and tradition, with an innovative and future-oriented perspective. FIORELLA'S STORY "I spent every day in front of her. It was beautiful and prevailing despite the dullness of abandonment for some years. The old owners had decided for the comforts of Florence by abandoning the property. Every day I passed by, even though I had to make another journey. Despite its unjustified disorder, the farm was surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and an immense expanse of brooms: a blaze of colors and beauty that never get me tired. Mine is a peasant story. My parents were farmers and I lived all my young age in the countryside. My life was hard, but were the years full of hope after having lived through the horrors of war. I still remember the day I decided to make that gesture. So big to consider it so insane, but I couldn't hide myself anymore. My wish was there, the farm was just waiting for a strong and faithful woman to be taken care of her. It was in the morning on Thursday September 26th. 1969. I picked up the phone and called the old owners asking them to buy the farm. After 2 months of bureaucratic writing I bought the farm without my husband's and my whole family's knowledge. "He will understand ... I said to myself !!" without much in-depth analysis. Since that Thursday of 50 years ago, my wines are drunk and appreciated all over the world. Every day we open the Estate to welcome so many visitors, because Casa Emma is the everyone's home. The house of women in a special way. It takes courage to do what I did. The courage that only women can express. The courage of women to have the eyes of those who have gone through so many and the smile of those who have overcome them all. -- Fiorella “ Emma” Lepri *Availability restricted in MA

Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Production 120.000 bottles per year
Website Casa Emma
Serendipity Markets California, Texas, National


The inherent philosophy of the company is to integrate the works of humanity with the natural systems of Mother Nature. Working as one force to regenerate and sustain earth's fertility To deliver the wellness of a land cultivated with love and respect determines the subtle and  powerful margin which separates a good bottle from an outstanding bottle. 

At Casa Emma, its essential to focus on the present and above all the future, integrating millenary experiences with cutting-edge methods and technical means. This means practicing organic and biodynamic viticulture principals as well as constantly monitoring the vineyards by a sophisticated wireless system for environmental conditions to ensure a fast action to contrast the vineyard diseases.

As we have already stated "Organic" is not just a trend, but also a certificate of health.


Located in San Donato in Poggio (Barberino Tavarnelle), with proximity to the sea and bordered by an arc of Colle di Pietracupa hills. This sort of “hug” encloses an area affected by the mistral wind coming from Tirreno sea going to the north-west from the natural corridor of Monte Serra, between Pisa and Lucca. Winters are milder than the internal areas of Chianti Classico, summers cooler and windier: this condition results in an early bud burst, longer ripening of the grapes and later harvest, that reflect in wines with great finesse and elegance, soft tannins with balanced acidity. The geology of Casa Emma is really heterogeneous, but at the same time it shares the same orogenesis as other areas of the Chianti Classico. Marly limestones (such as Galestro and Alberese, typical of the Tuscan and Ligurian platform), alternating with sand and stratified sandstones. It is interesting to see how the sliding of the two platforms where is located Casa Emma, has caused on the contact surface, the composition of blue clays that prevent the loss of water in the deep layers: this creates a natural availability of water , very important in dry years.

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