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Peirano Estate Vineyards

Giacomo Peirano started the winery back in 1879 with $50.00 in his pocket, and a desire to produce great wine. After 141 years and the 4th Generation of Family producing wines, Peirano has long standed for great quality without taking short cuts. From hand harvesting off the vines, to shorter loads on the wines to avoid shock from vine to tank: We take our time to create amazing wines. Many of our wines have received constant press year after year.The desire and passion to create something better than anyone can is in our blood.We simply want to make the best wine in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Country USA - CA
Region Central Valley - California
Production 100000 Cases
Serendipity Markets Texas


Lance Randolph, fourth generation Peirano, winemaker, and grower uses the best of Giacomo Peirano's farming methods and implements new techniques to create the best of "Old World Meets New World" viticulture practices. Peirano lives by great quality, hand harvesting, taking care of the grapes as if they were a baby, and making the best wine possible.


In the 1990s, Lance Randolph was one of the first to implement the Geneva Double Curtain system. This system, rather than using one cordon wire connecting the vines through the center, as done with bilateral cordon system of the 1960s, splits the vine into two and uses two cordon wires spaced three feet apart. With this system, Lance was able to accomplish what his great grandfather had done with the head pruning system, that being to keep the centers of the vine free of foliage, thus, further maximizing the filtered sunlight exposure to the grape clusters of select varietals. Today, this system is recognized as an ideal option for red grape varietals

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