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The Vineyard House

Halter Valley, just off of Oakville Grade Road, is
home to The Baldridge House, one of the oldest
homes in the Napa Valley, built in 1853. In 1889 the
home and surrounding parcel were purchased by
H.W. Crabb, the wine pioneer who established To
Kalon Vineyard. Crabb’s original winery name was
Hermosa, which is memorialized today on The
Vineyard House’s Estate Cabernet label.
The property comprises 43 acres, of which 26 acres
were planted between 1994 and 2010. The vineyard is
planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet
Franc. Here the soils are well-drained and full of
both volcanic and sedimentary gravel, washed
down over millennia from the slopes of the
Mayacamas Range above.

Country USA - CA
Region Napa County
Serendipity Markets California, Texas


Every necessary element is now aligned to make the
Vineyard House one of the great estates of Oakville.
Between Jeremy Nickel’s passion and drive, this
privileged and gravel-laden hillside site, the
viticultural expertise of Jim Barbour—and the
uncompromising methods of winemaking
consultants Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky—
this is truly a winery to watch.
The key to TVH’s new level of quality begins with the
expert farming of Rutherford native Jim Barbour, one
of the Valley’s most sought-after vineyard managers,
well known for his work with luminaries like Grace
Family, Hundred Acre, and Blankiet. Barbour’s skill
and experience ensure that each individual block
receives the farming attention it needs, which is
critical to the overall picking and winemaking
strategy of Atelier Melka.

Wines from The Vineyard House

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