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Wines For Your Thanksgiving Table & Beyond

November marks a time for gatherings.  It’s a time when dishes that may only make an annual appearance regale your table with unspoken nostalgia.  Year after year the dishes may stay the same, but the wine does not.  The Serendipity strategy for choosing a wine to perfectly complement your gathering is simple: we’ve compiled a list of go-to bottles and pairing inspirations from Left Coast Estate that are sure to please and pour with ease.

With 142 acres in the Willamette Valley, Left Coast is one of the largest stewards of entirely estate-grown fruit in Oregon.  They produce food-friendly Chardonnays and Pinots, and are most known for pioneering a rare and refreshing new category in wine: White Pinot Noir.  Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering or celebrating a family holiday, the versatility of Left Coast Estate will seamlessly transition your meal from one delicious sip to the next.

 2020 White Pinot Noir

First up, an adventurous white wine that is sure to spark conversation.  White Pinot Noir is made by using free run juice (which is white) from Pinot Noir grapes and skipping the part where they extract color from the red skins.  At Left Coast Estate, what started out as an experiment in 2011 quickly became one of their most popular endeavors.  This style is fresh with crisp acidity, combining the intense aromatics of Pinot Noir with the brightness of a white wine.  It’s great as an all-occasion opening sipper, but can also enliven a meal.

The 2020 White Pinot Noir has flavors and aromas of spiced pear, cardamom, peach, citrus pith, honey & straw.  It finishes with a slate minerality and fearlessly pairs with a litany of cuisines.  Try it with white sauces that incorporate mushrooms (especially while in season), seafood, or chicken.  And don’t forget to cheers to your friends for a time well spent!

2019 Truffle Hill Chardonnay

Truffle Hill is home to a fascinating and singular group of flora: European Black Truffle-inoculated hazelnut trees, shrub roses and holly oaks.  It’s within these three acres that Left Coast’s signature Chardonnay is grown.  Aged in French oak (20% new), this is a generous white wine with tropical characteristics that make for many playful pairings.  Beyond roast turkey and baked brie dishes, one of the founding members of Left Coast Estate shared with us a special recipe inspired by this wine.  Bob E. Pfaff (family co-owner, chef and master gardener) explains:

“We have become devotees of the Stanley Tucci series on the regional food of Italy (CNN). The recipe that captured my imagination was Zucchini Alla Nerano because we have an abundance of both beautiful small zucchini and basil. The recipe is amazingly simple and easy to prepare quickly but absolutely delicious. I’ve deviated from the traditional recipe to take advantage of local Oregon ingredients.”


2017 Cali’s Cuvée Pinot Noir

Ask any friendly neighborhood sommelier what red to bring to an impossibly diverse spread of foodstuffs and they’ll probably tell you Pinot Noir.  Why?  It’s light enough not to overpower delicate dishes (like surf) with enough acidity to stand up to something bold (like turf).  It’s this flexibility that make a quality Pinot like Cali’s Cuvée a go-to wine perfect for any table.

Cali’s Cuvée is Left Coast Estate’s signature Pinot and was named in honor of their daughter.  Built from each of their blocks and clones, this wine provides a panoramic-like taste of the estate’s terroir.  Its expressive minerality, mild tannins and polished mouthfeel create a recipe for exceptional, versatile food pairing.  And on its own?  It’s a crowd pleaser.

Try it with burrata (with basil & fresh tomatoes), roasted brussel sprouts, or lightly spicy tikka masala.

2018 Latitude 45 Pinot Noir

When you’re stumped on what to serve with a favorite bottle, look no further than a winery’s own food menu.  Left Coast Estate currently enjoys pouring the 2018 Left Coast ‘Latitude 45’ Pinot Noir at their tasting room alongside their house BBQ pizza.  They begin with a dark BBQ sauce base, more tangy and less sweet, that relies on warm spices for depth of flavor.  They complete the pizza with a three-cheese blend, pulled pork, poblano peppers, red onions and fresh green onions. (Alright, who’s booking our flight to Oregon?)

Latitude 45 is made from Dijon clones– the same clones that produce prized, earthy wines in Burgundy. The name of this wine is a nod to the famed French vineyards that lie on the 45th parallel.  Why does this pizza pairing works so well?  They have a lot in common. The BBQ sauce matches the warm spice, smoked meat and leather notes of this wine.  The savoriness of the dish, too, matches the complex savoriness of this bottle.  Velvety and with integrated tannins, Latitude 45 would also be a home-run with root vegetables, enchiladas, or this slow roasted pork recipe from the Pfaff family themselves.

There you have it!  A bonafide list of tried and true food pairings from one of the Willamette’s most dynamic producers.  To learn more about other offerings from Left Coast Estate (Pinot Gris and Rosé, anyone?), click here.