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December is finally here and our inboxes have been flooded with Best-Of-2021 lists. What a way to wrap up the year! We have a lot to reflect on and a lot of partnerships to be proud of— among them, a seasonal Nordic spirit full of lore, big reds and bubbles crowding this month’s press, and the famed importer that lent us their secret ragu recipe…

What’s Inside: Lend Us Your Voice: Customer Feedback | Touring the Italian Side of Banville Wine Merchants | 🥂 Holiday Sips | Meet the Team | From The Blog: Pairings & Recipes with Eco Terreno | December Press & News

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We’re getting super excited for the new year and the new opportunities it will bring! As we are prepping for 2022, we want to know what you are excited about so we can best serve you in the year to come. Answer these quick questions and let us know what you are looking for in 2022…

Web Highlight:

Touring the Italian Side of Banville Wine Merchants

Terlano’s stunning Alto Adige whites. Indigenous Sardinian varietals. Chianti Classico from Castelnuovo Berardenga. Organic wines made in Campania’s Cilento National Park. Banville imports brings us all this, alongside recipes to bring your table to life. Not to mention, Lia Tolaini Banville’s secret ragu recipe. Bolognese, anyone?

Kick back with these luscious holiday picks that’ll set the mood for the season!

Holiday Sips:

Paladin Agricanto

Paladin Vigne e Vini is a family-owned estate founded by Valentino Paladin in 1962, in Motta di Livenza, near Treviso. Their wines are the products of lands rich in natural elements, history, traditions, and ancient cultures. Paladin produces a full selection of sparkling, rosé, white, and red wine, as well as this traditional wine-based liqueur.
“Agricanto” derives from two words, “Agri” and “Canto”. The former translates to “belonging to the field, to the land” and the latter evokes gratitude towards that same land and the gifts it bears. Just as the name is blended, so is the liqueur from these different gifts. With notes of maraschino, black cherry, dark chocolate, almond, clove, cinnamon, this is a must-have for any holiday bar cart.

Holiday Sips:


Won’t you travel with us to Norway for a sip and a bite of Nordic whimsy? Deep in myth-ridden woodlands rife with flora, the Bareksten distillery produces two distinct expressions of the land perfect for impending wintry weather. You’ll definitely want to cozy up with their gin or clink glasses with their one-of-a-kind aquavit.
The Aquavit: Head distiller Stig makes it his goal with Bareksten to produce worldly expressions based off Nordic tradition and botanicals. The Nordic aquavit, rooted in a sailing mishap in 1806, evokes the foliage, cold, and density so associated with this country. Composed of several botanicals, including Angelica root, orange peels, and caraway, this spirits carries an emphatic punch made for cold nights among the warmth of loved ones.

Holiday Sips:

Bring on the Bubbles with Fidora!

As featured in the recent Wine Enthusiast’s Best of Year 2021 Buying Guide, Fidora’s Prosecco Rosé Spumante DOC is here for toasts, clinks, and general revelry! This bouquet is not shy; expect fresh fruit with hints of Golden apple and white flowers, rose, red berries and strawberries. The palate is fine and elegant in the mouth with a direct and clean flavor— not to mention good persistence. Enjoy it on its own, at midnight, or with some gorgeous Prosciutto San Daniele and olives.

Meet the Team: Amanda Simpson

Get to know Amanda Simpson, a rock star veteran sales rep based in the Sierra Foothills who covers a vast swath of territory!

How long have you been with the company, and what have you learned?

I interviewed for a customer service position with Mountain Peoples Wine 10 years ago, and I have a confession: I lied in my interview (sorry, Michael!). I said I liked wine when really, I thought it was pretentious and overpriced. Fast forward to today and I’ve learned that wine is so much more than just a beverage. It’s about people, history, tradition, connection with the land, innovation, and passion. I have a much deeper appreciation for wine these days, and I continue to learn something new every day.

Current favorite wine in the book?
One producer that made a big impression on me is Volker Eisele. Something the winemaker said during the Zoom presentation really stuck with me: As organic farmers, not only are they dedicated to synthetic-free farming, but they are prepared to accept loss. Whether that be losing a few vines to disease, or grape clusters to the birds, or even preserving old oaks that might be “in the way,” the family would rather take a loss than upset the balance of the natural world. That is a big deal, especially in Napa where land and fruit are at a premium. Needless to say, I have a ton of respect for the Eiseles. And having said all that, you MUST try their co-fermented red blend, Terzetto. Like its namesake (an operatic term for three harmonious voices), it is a work of art.

What are you up to when you’re not working?

I’m obsessed with CA native plants, medicinal herbs, heirloom fruit trees, and compost. You can usually find me outside in the garden, on a trail, in the kitchen brewing up some witchy herbal potions or baking cookies, or snuggling with my cat, Malcolm. Shout out to my awesome husband, Jack, who is my witchy potion tester.

Amanda’s territories include the Sierra Foothills, Tahoe & Humboldt. Click the button below if you’re interested in potential representation and we’ll be in touch!

From the Blog:

Pairings & Recipes with the Wines of Eco Terreno

Serendipity’s exploration of food and wine pairing continues to Sonoma, where we look to the wines of unmatched impact from Eco Terreno! As stewards of the largest contiguous Biodynamic vineyard in the Alexander Valley, Eco Terreno takes a strong, environmentalist approach to winemaking. And their favorite food pairings? Get ready for some chef-curated recipes.

December 2021 Press & News