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Serendipity’s exploration of food and wine pairing continues to Sonoma, where we look to the wines of unmatched impact from Eco Terreno!  As stewards of the largest contiguous Biodynamic vineyard in the Alexander Valley, Eco Terreno takes a strong, environmentalist approach to winemaking.  The Biodynamic principles that govern their minimal intervention methods echo well beyond the bottle and into both agricultural and social causes.  And their Bordeaux varietal wines make for food-friendly pairings to boot. We connected with the team at Eco Terreno to bring you some of their best pairings and chef-curated recipes— perfect for the Fall season and the revelry that follows.

2018 Eco Terreno ‘Cuvée Acero’ Sauvignon Blanc with Pumpkin Soup

The grapes for Cuvée Acero come from several plots that vary vintage to vintage.  Eco Terreno ferments this wine in stainless steel vats to preserve the Sauvignon’s fresh aromatics and then allows it to rest in neutral oak barrels for about four months.  This slight introduction of oxygen creates a textured, layered complexity.  In the glass Cuvée Acero is bright, fruit-forward with gentle notes of sweet pea.  And it pairs amazingly with  an Autumn-inspired pumpkin soup and grilled brioche gruyere fingers:

Other pairings to enjoy with Cuvée Acero:

Beet and Burrata Salad

Tomato Peach Salad — recommended by associate winemaker, Ashley Boren

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon… or Cheetos — recommended by vineyard manager, Nicole Tracy

Supplement Your Advocacy with 2020 Eco Terreno Pink Pride Rosé

As we mentioned before, the reach of Biodynamic principles exceeds the vines at Eco Terreno.  A holistic approach to a healthy ecosystem includes engaging the community, and they’ve achieved just that with their Pink Pride Rosé.  One of their many social initiatives, this year until December 20th Eco Terreno will donate a portion of their sales from each bottle to support Face2Face— a non-profit dedicated to ending HIV in Sonoma County while supporting the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Pink Pride Rosé is a Cabernet dominant blend fermented in stainless steel with several other Bordeaux varieties.  The nose has aromas of dark cherry candy and warm baking spices, while the palate delivers blackcurrant, raspberry, allspice, cloves, and a touch of peppercorn.  Rosés made in this refreshing, genial style make for a flexible pairing partner.  Enjoy with Fall-dressed seafood dishes, salads, snacks, or reinvigorate your palate in between all of those big holiday reds.

“As a gay-owned and operated winery, supporting the LGBTQ+ community is an integral part of our culture at Eco Terreno. Last year, we produced the first vintage of our Pink Pride Rosé – not only as a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and its advocates and allies, but to use as a tool in raising awareness, sparking meaningful and curious conversation, and celebrating diversity. We stand with like-minded organizations such as Out in the Vineyard, Start Out, and REAF, all of whom inspire us with their dedication to the LGBTQ+ community.”

2017 Eco Terreno Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
with Braised Lamb Shank

Fragrant notes of sweet black plum, warm baking spices, cassis and espresso… It’s easy to see why this Cabernet is utterly irresistible.  It’s also to easy to see why Eco Terreno’s Executive Chef, Joe Bell, would be to inspired design a dish to match the brawny, balanced flavors of this lightly oaked red.  The one catch?  You might have to donate some of your wine to a lamb shank.

Braised Lamb Shank with Flageolets & Herb Oil

Other pairings to enjoy with Eco Terreno Cabernet Sauvignon

Coming soon!  Where to Experience Eco Terreno 

If these pairings left you hungry, there are more delicious dishes on the horizon for folks in San Francisco: Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards is launching an urban tasting room. Coming Spring 2022, the tasting room will live at the crossroads of three vibrant and historic neighborhoods in a building that holds a rich and storied past. Technically in Jackson Square but bordering North Beach and Chinatown, the neighborhood (once known as The Barbary Coast) embraced and cared for guests by offering them a safe place to be their true, authentic selves.  Eco Terreno hopes to pay homage to that history and is excited to build on the narrative.

Slated to be open seven days a week from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, the Tasting Room will offer elevated wine and food pairings prepared by Executive Chef, Joe Ball (author of the above recipes). Eco Terreno is grateful for the opportunity to create unique, memorable experiences in the beautiful city of San Francisco and looks forward to sharing them well into the future!

Updated Nov 2022: Eco Terreno’s NEW tasting room is now open! Learn more here.