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Serendipity Wines Strengthens Portfolio and Market Coverage, Marking a Milestone in Growth with Obvious Wines Partnership

Los Angeles, CA: Serendipity Wines has announced their acquisition of the California distribution business of Los Angeles-based Obvious Wines, and to represent their brands in the state of California.  Obvious Wines will continue to own and maintain its Obvious Wines, Loud and Clear and Après Sol wine brands and operate as an importer and marketer for boutique wineries. This new partnership is part of Serendipity’s initiative to expand their presence in California by growing their Sales Team and strengthening their diverse portfolio with the premium offerings represented by Obvious Wines. 

“Our partnership with Obvious Wines further solidifies Serendipity’s position as one of the go-to distributors in California by deepening our commitment to providing the highest quality selection of sustainable and organic wines from family producers”, said Seth Fagelman, President & CEO of Serendipity Wines, “This acquisition marks another exciting chapter in our growth story and we are eager to expand the distribution of Obvious Wines’ exceptional products to our growing customer base in California.”

Obvious Wines LLC was established in 2018 with the launch of its first brand ‘Obvious Wines’. Over time they expanded operations, becoming a national importer and brand house for new/developing wines, as well as distributor of biodynamic & organic wines in California. Brice Baillie, founder of Obvious Wines, elaborated: “This acquisition is more than a mere transfer of distribution rights; it represents a synergy of expertise and resources aimed at further growing and evolving quality product offerings. The partnership between Serendipity and Obvious Wines underscores the growing trend of strategic collaborations in the wine industry. Serendipity is a seasoned player in the wine and spirits distribution business, which will enhance and expand Obvious Wines distribution efficiency and reach in California.”

About Serendipity Wines: Serendipity Wines is a Distributor and National Importer of premium wines and spirits from family producers. Serendipity is known for having an experienced and highly professional team that puts customers first and a portfolio focused on organic, biodynamic and sustainable producers.  For over two decades, Serendipity has maintained rapid and consistent growth while staying true to its mission of bringing the world closer by delivering great terroir to your table.

About Obvious Wines: Originally from Champagne, France, founder Brice Baillie noticed a gap between an overall growing interest and love for Boutique, Vegan & Eco-friendly wines, yet high level of intimidation towards selecting and discussing them. In 2018, he decided to create an accessible and playful brand that still checked all the necessary boxes of high-quality, eco-conscious wine.

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