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Much like grapevines come winter, now is the time to put energy back into your own root systems and prepare for a bountiful year ahead.  And the same rings true for Serendipity— we’re pruning our programs, anticipating a healthy, vigorous 2022. The changes this growth cycle? A budding natural wine brand joyfully joins our book, daily deals stay in fashion with a redesign, and much, much more…

What’s Inside: Wines for a Better 2022 | Brand Highlight: RedThumb | NEW Weekly Deals | Meet the Team | Best of 2021 | January Press

Have you made some new year’s resolutions? Whether you’re enjoying an alcohol-free January, seeking out low sugar offerings, wanting to give back to good causes, or are hoping to spice up this next year with something out of your ordinary, we’ve got you covered. Check out our selection of wines (& spirits!) fit for a healthier, more intentional, and more adventurous 2022!

New Brand Highlight: RedThumb Natural Wines

We are thrilled to be partnering with RedThumb Natural Wines! Founders (and best friends) Dave and Diego believe great natural wine should be affordable and consistently available, and that’s the challenge they sought to solve. RedThumb brings us three varietals— a Tempranillo, an unoaked Chardonnay, and a Grenache rosé— made with organically grown grapes from Spain’s Navarra region. Transparency is also at the core of RedThumb, with their standards, nutritional info & ingredients on every label.

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NEW Weekly Deals

Out with the old, in with the new deals! We recently revamped our Daily Deal program to bring you the best discounts on your favorite brands— now available five days a week. It’s now easier than ever to take advantage of one or more of our exclusive offerings. Click the ‘Wines of the Week’ option under the ‘Trade’ tab on our navigation bar, or hit the link below:

Welcome, Sarah!

Meet Sarah— our official HR and Payroll Manager! Sarah graduated from Texas A&M University and started her career in the hospitality industry. She moved from front-of-house operations into HR, and then took a position as Director of HR for a healthcare company at the start of the pandemic. For the last several years she has also worked part time in a tasting room in Dripping Springs. Today she combines her love of the wine industry with her talent for HR!
In her down-time Sarah loves to cook (especially homemade pasta), trying out new restaurants and bars in the Austin area, or just hanging out on her patio with her husband, dog Winston, and a glass of wine. What’s in her glass?
A current favorite of mine from the Serendipity book is Viticcio Morellino di Scansano— it is rich and savory with a nice refreshing finish. I love to have this on hand, especially when friends come over because it is always a crowd pleaser.”

We left 2021 the best way we knew how— with a full-fledged book of our award-winning wines! Click here to browse the bottles that had reviewers raving all year long!

January 2022 Press & News