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Aurelio Montes, a renowned winemaker from Chile whose restless, adventurous spirit drove him to explore new horizons and new ideas of how to think about and make wine. Faithful to his exploratory nature, Aurelio crossed the Andes mountain range and made it all the way to Mendoza, Argentina, where he discovered a paradise pulsing with the potential to yield the wines he had dreamed of for so long.
Wines envisioned as from the virtues of the land and their very roots, made with the care and respect for vine cycles and their surroundings.
It was in Vistalba, Lujan de Cuyo, where Aurelio and his team of talented experts decided to establish Kaiken, a winery whose name evokes that of the Caiquén, a Patagonian goose that typically flies across the Andes, bringing Chile and Argentina together. This bird also symbolizes freedom and natural instincts, two notions that co-exist in perfect harmony with the biodiversity enveloping these wines’ birthplace.

Country Argentina
Region Mendoza
Annual Production 7 million liters of wine
Website Kaiken
Serendipity Markets California


Kaiken soars high, for they believe the horizon is made of the unattainable. But remains aware of the secret language and delicate timing of our habitat, as they seek to bestow the dreams, expertise, power and diversity of Argentine soils on every wine.
"We have a long way ahead of us, but we're guided by the premise to raise the bar even higher in terms of winemaking and terroir quality, keeping in mind our challenge to reach new consumers, and relying on our key pillars: quality, expertise, premium wines and sustainability." Gustavo Hörmann, General Manager and Winemaker at Kaiken Wines.


Nicole Monteleone, Agricultural Engineer, is the first woman in our winemaking staff who brings greater precision and gets to a new level of detail the continuing quest for new terroirs. Graduated from National University of Cuyo, at merely 31 years of age Nicole boasts ample experience in the world of wine, having worked in multiple regions throughout France for several seasons.
Juan Pablo Solis, Head of Winemaking, is a member of Kaiken Wines since 2015, and a graduate from Don Bosco School of Oenology and Food Sciences, Juan Pablo has taken on this new challenge with a view to fostering a culture of sustainability that results in fine wines of international quality expressing the typicity of Argentina's terroir.
Gustavo Hörmann is the General Manager and Chief Winemaker. He was born in Santiago de Chile, in March of 1975. In 2000, he graduated from Universidad Católica de Chile with a degree in Agricultural Engineering with an orientation in viticulture and oenology, the two main areas that would soon become his passion. After working for Viña Montes for several years, Gustavo relocated to Mendoza in January of 2016 in order to take over Kaiken Wines' management.

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