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Grand Brulot – VSOP Cognac & Cafe Liqueur


The Facts

Origins France > Cognac

Winemaking A blend of VSOP Cognac and coffee

Aging French Oak Barrels

Alcohol Content 80.0 proof

Serendipity Markets Texas

The Character

Tasting Notes A rich, roasted, dark & dense nose and flavor from the espresso component.

Mouthfeel Uniquely dry and smooth

Aromas Nutmeg, vanilla, honey aromatics

Selling Point Blended with premium Ecuadorean 100% Robusta coffee beans

Pairings Use in espresso martinis, dessert drinks, classic cocktails

The Story

Grand Brulot revives a 200 plus year old French tradition where rich Coffee was blended with Cognac to create an exquisite tasting drink: The Brulôt. The legend of Café Brûlot extends back to New Orleans in the early 1800s and the infamous Jean Lafitte. Whether or not the French pirate actually created the first pairing of café and cognac is a question that may never be answered. But the legend absolutely lives in today’s after-dinner Café Brûlot tradition in the finest French Quarter restaurants.


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