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Welcome to our Sake page for our May 2022 virtual event! Below you’ll find resources to reference during the event and beyond. Special day-of pricing will be coming soon at the bottom, and stay tuned for a recording of our presentation!

About the Speakers

Satoshi Tanaka, Founder and President of East West Wine Trading, is a Japanese immigrant who has made it his personal mission to introduce sake masterpieces to the American public. He has been involved in everything from marketing and brand management to development of export programs for a number of wineries in Napa and beyond. His perception of this ancient craft completely changed when he looked at it through the lens of contemporary Japanese artisans.

Eduardo Dingler was introduced to the world of sake fifteen years ago. He is a Professional Sake, Wine, and Spirits Judge both in the US and Japan, and a Certified Sake Professional as well as a Certified Shochu Advisor. He has led beverage programs for the Morimoto Restaurant Group throughout the world but most importantly he is a passionate Sake Ambassador. Eduardo is currently working with the Japanese Government promoting Sake.

Tasting Order

1. Hirai Junmai

2. Chigozakura Futsushu Namachozo 

3. Imayo Tsukasa Black Junmai 

4. Imayo Tsukasa Ima Junmai  

5. Benten Sawane Junmai Ginjo

6. Echigozakura Daiginjo Sake

Sake Resources

Special day-of pricing coming soon.