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With a wrap on harvest, the fall is all about comfort food and cozy gatherings. The only thing more challenging than deciding which recipe to serve a crowd is finding the perfect wine to complete the experience. Look no further! These tried and true Italian wine pairings (with recipes) will take your holiday dining to the next level. Crowd-pleasing bubbles, dynamic reds, and skin contact Pinot Grigio are waiting to become your new favorite food memories:

Fidora Brut Prosecco and Latkes

Why it Works: Is there anything more addictive than a hot plate of latkes? Traditionally accompanied by sour cream or applesauce, a sparkling wine with orchard fruit notes makes for an intuitive pairing. You can’t go wrong with Fidora Brut Prosecco, which has charming aromas of Golden apple and is ideal as an aperitif (aka “snack”) wine. Plus, we can’t forget our wine pairing 101: fried foods and bubbly? Delicious!

Lunaria ‘Ramoro’ Pinot Grigio with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Why it Works: Less is ‘Ramoro’ with this simple pasta dish and biodynamic, skin-contact wine from Lunaria. In the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Pinot Grigio was oftentimes made in what’s known as the ‘Ramato’ style. Somewhere between a skin-contact orange wine and a rosé, locals referred to it as ‘Ramato’ because of its coppery color. And in this pairing, the approachability of the wine matches the uncomplicated deliciousness of the meal:

Il Borro ‘Borrigiano’ with Pappa al Pomodoro

Why it Works: Maybe you’ve heard it referred to as a “High-Low” pairing, but have you ever tried a magnificent wine with an easy, rustic dinner? It’s a simple way to elevate recipes that may need a little lift. Pappa al Pomodoro is a popular Italian soup that makes too much sense not to make: use up leftover bread and add a few choice pantry staples. With Il Borro’s Borrigiano Merlot blend, simple and comforting soup supports the wine’s complex, vivacious character:

Lunaria Montepulciano with Short Ribs & Goat Cheese Polenta

Why it Works: This might be the most comforting pairing in the history of time. One, short ribs and cheesy polenta. Two, silky Montepulciano. It did not grow together, but it definitely goes together. This is the sort of food and wine pairing that will leave your friends and family thirsty (and hungry) for more:

Marchesi Incisa ‘Valmorena’ Barbera d’Asti with Pumpkin Pasta

Why it Works: Harvest season isn’t just for wine grapes, it’s also the time that those hearty pumpkins are ripening. And maybe that’s why this pumpkin pasta plays so well with a vibrant, layered Barbera. Powerfully fresh, the gorgeous acidity of Valmorena cuts through this recipe’s creamy, spiced decadence:

Marchesi Incisa ‘Felice’ Moscato with a Simple Apple Tart

Why it Works: Dessert time! Who doesn’t love a little sweet wine with the final course? ‘Felice’ means “happy” in Italian, referencing Moscato’s history of being consumed during special occasions. Try this floral, slightly effervescent wine from Marchesi Incisa with an apple tart and we dare you not to have a joyful end to the evening…